Carbon 0.1 - 0.15% Sulfur 0.035% MAX
Manganese 1.20 - 1.25% Match 0.035% MAX
Silicon 0.10 - 025%    
In order to obtain this alloy, it is necessary to use steel with a low content of sulfur and phosphorus. Low carbon steel shot recycles materials that are generated in the internal production of sheet and profiles. The control of the chemical analysis is very strict to guarantee the result.

Controlling the chemical analysis in the process of manufacturing the shot, we guarantee the obtaining of bainitic microstructure.
Bainite: Mechanical mixing of ferrite and cementite phases. This microstructure is obtained without heat treatment.
Value of 7 gr / cc. Minimum.

S780 S390 S170
S660 S330 S110
S550 S280 S70
S460 S230  

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