Bearing steel grit is made of chrome alloy material which are fast atomized after melting.After heat treatment,it is featured with optimum mechanical characteristics, good tenacity,high fatigue resistance,long working-life,low consumption and so on. 30% will be saved. Mainly used in granite cutting,sandblasting and shot peening.  

Bearing steel grit for Sand blasting
Bearing steel grit quality used for sand blasting body section directly affect the quality and comprehensive cost factor in terms of the sand blasting efficiency,girder coating, painting, kinetic energy and abrasive consumption. With the new coating protection performances standard (PSPC) release, there is a higher request to the piece wise sand blasting quality. Therefore, the Steel grit quality is very important in the sand blasting.

Angular granules for sandblasting Container
Angular granules sand blasting on the container box body after it welds. Clean up the welded joint and at the same time to cause the box body surface to have certain roughness and increase anti-corrosion painting effect, in order to be able to work for a long time among the ships, the chassis, the freight vehicle and the railroad vehicles. Our steel grit price is reasonable.

Angular steel grit for The wild electricity equipment sandblasting
The wild electricity product has the specific request for for roughness and cleanliness of the surface treatment .After angular steel grit surface treatment, they must undergo kinds of weather changes outdoor for a long- time. So that, the angular grit sand blast for surface is specially pivotal.

Granite cutting steel grit and stone cutting grit
To cut stone by using granite cutting steel grit and stone cutting grit from water jet flow. In the process of cutting, stone sawing grit there is no chemical change ,and has advantages of no affection on the chemical and physical performance of stone materials , no heat deformation ,narrow lancing, high precision,smooth cutting surface ,cleanness and no pollution,etc.

Steel angular Grit for Locomotives sand blasting
After completes the manufacture or the overhaul, the locomotives surface must be painted (including undercoat ,middle coating ,finishing coating and so on),to improve the locomotive outward appearance and the working life. The selection of steel angular Grit is extremely essential to the surface treatment, which affects the coating’s performance of anti-crack, penetration resistance and the inoxidizability.

Angular steel grit for The steel structure
To the steel structure , the speed of corrosion is mainly related to the relative humidity of the air and the composition and quantity of pollutant in the atmosphere. In order to extend its service life,the steel structure must need Angular steel grit blasting surface treatment,then by spraying to form the protective film on metal surface to prevent and reduce metal corrosion.

Steel Grit Manufacturer for Port Machinery sandblasting
Harbor wharf construction uses the steel structure massively.Therefore, the steel structure anti-corrosion request is unusual high.The harbor machinery is frequently confront with some special environment .For example ,the moist maritime air environment ,which cause the steel structure constructions get deep corrosion.In that case,the corresponding sand blasting and coating are needed to protect the harbor machinery. So the good steel grit manufacture is very important.

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