Reasonable use of shot blasting steel shot steel grit

The shot blasting effect is not only related to the shot blasting machine, but also the choice of shot blasting machine steel shot steel grit has a great relationship.
The surface treatment effect of the shot blasting machine commonly used in iron parts generally has rust removal, oxide removal and burr removal.
The best to use are steel shots and wire cut shots, which are suitable for general iron parts, and the effect will be better.
The best shot blasting effect on marble surface is steel grit. If you want to do better, you can add stainless steel shot in the steel grit.
For stainless steel parts, if the surface needs to be roughened, stainless steel cut shot can be used. If it is smooth, stainless steel atomized shot can be added.
The surface cleaning of die-casting parts generally uses cast steel shots or steel wire cut shots, and the two types of sand can also be used in combination to reduce costs and increase the fluidity of the steel shots.
General cast steel shots and steel wire cut shots are general shots for shot blasting because of their moderate price and good processing results, and the wear on the shot blasting machine of the shot blasting machine is relatively small.