Garnet Abrasive used in Resin Grinding Wheel Industrial Application

Garnet abrasive has a large specific gravity and is used as a surface blasting treatment in daily life. Less dust generated during blasting can ensure operator visibility and health and safety.
garnet sand is a pure natural environmentally friendly mineral and does not contain harmful substances such as free silicon and heavy metals.
It can be recycled, greatly reducing the cost of use.
Garnet sand is relatively hard, with a hardness between 7.5-8.
It is a high-quality mineral that is widely used in resin grinding wheels. We know that the elements of resin grinding wheels are: abrasives, resin binders and pores. Garnet abrasives can replace a small amount of brown corundum as abrasives for grinding wheels, especially for large slices and angle abrasives, without affecting its performance. The other is to use finer particles as a pore filler.