The high value of the garnet sand

Beautiful garnet sand, through changing times long, so far in the hearts of the people still occupy an important position. Both senior jewelry store or roadside accessories house, garnet sand with its unique charm, occupying the. Most people are concerned that some garnet sand, high value here, Xiaobian together and enjoy their style.
A, recognized as the most precious garnet sand is produced from the Ural mountains Bobuluofu river gold "typical mando garnet sand". The garnet sand stone is very small, generally not more than 3 carat weight. Since the attractive green, it was known as the "emerald of Ural", the top grade very valuable.
Two, the history of the largest piece of garnet sand stone weighing 20 tons, with 100 horses when handling. The produce from Ural mountains "Rose garnet sand" carved into the grandson of Ekaterina II and Nicola I's coffin.

Three, the United States National Museum of natural history collection is the best in the world a brown yellow transparent garnet sand (essonite), is an intricately carved head of Christ, weighing 61.5 carats, can be above.
A red orange Spessartine crystals a produced in Xinjiang in four, the Geological Museum of China, 1397 carat. Five, precious stones -- natural erosion as Tsui garnet sand
Its size is 10. 5 cm, weight is 1600 grams, the hardness is 7. 5 degrees, from China's Jiangsu sea. A green garnet sand color is olive green, natural diamond crystal surface is concave pit like, 2011 April found in Jiangsu East China, and Quaternary glacial relics museum of china.
High dispersion and the "horse tail" inclusions in garnet is an important identification mark. Viewed under a microscope, garnet is generally have some asbestos fibers, by the middle of the crystalline inclusions exhale bend yellow brown to yellow fibers, the bunched wires and the divergence of linear inclusions looks like fireworks.
These fibrillar inclusions often either alone or in a group, no obvious shape or divergence center. This is a sign to tell the true from the false garnet. High purity of the garnet stones become only need not artificial fill and not fake gems.
Garnet is the crown jewel of the dispersion rate, 0.057 diamonds (0.044) far behind, although the gem itself green will absorb some of the light color, but it still can not stop the spewing out of the "fire color".
Garnet sand its value not only has a great influence in China, but also in history is not small, but a garnet sand composition is very rare, it does not lose its price is so expensive.