Which kind of garnet is better for waterjet cutting machines?

Waterjet is one of the commonly used tools for cutting and patterning. A good waterjet must use good garnet sand in order to maximize its performance. The domestic waterjet garnets are mainly produced in Shandong Rizhao and Jiangsu Lianyungang. Both are made of iron-aluminum garnet with relatively high hardness, but the quality of the ore is also different. Because some of the ore is only the weathered layer of the surface, its hardness cannot be reached. If the technology department such as magnetic separation and screening is not proper, the garnet dust content of the finished product will be relatively high.

Honest Horse all the garnet products are mined from deep underground mines, and the processing technology is advanced, with 3 magnetic separations, 4 screenings, 6 washings and 4 dryings. Moreover, it uses a domestic automated production line, and the product quality is guaranteed. It is clean and dust-free, without blocking the sand tube, and the cutting speed is faster. We have transported our products to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and made China's garnet recognized by the world.